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Savage Room Refresh

Updated: Mar 4


PROJECT: Bedroom, Partial Room Refresh

FOCUS: Couples design, Update, Romantic Room Refresh


After // Before

When K & B started their bedroom refresh they didn’t hate their bedroom, but they didn’t feel much about; it was fine, functional, but it didn’t excite them or help them to relax or reconnect. I wanted to help them shape a space that would feel bright & light during the day, and provide a cozy, moody, romantic retreat at night.  We didn’t need to do a complete overhaul, just a partial refresh to make their space feel alive, fresh and more… them!

Before: Biggest issues were focus on exposed closet, no window privacy, need for updating & cohesion.

We kept their eclectic minimalist style and love of color, but pushed it just a little further to make it feel more intentional and cohesive. We added some new items, but also repurposed rugs, chairs, art, and decor from other rooms in the house to give new life to their existing objects. Fresh eyes can help you see new ideas for how to use what you have in a different way, & mixing in just a few new items can create such a huge change in a room!

First, we opted to go lighter on the walls with Behr Silver Ash, and carry that color onto the main ceiling. Color washing walls through ceiling can help a space feel more cohesive, & lift the height. 

One of our design goals was to make the closet disappear as much as possible, so we decided to keep our bold accent wall solely behind the bed to draw attention there instead.

For extra interest and drama, we added an architectural feature on the bed wall with wood slats carrying onto the ceiling to make a little cozy cocoon while laying in bed.  K loved this deep green color, Behr Black Evergreen, and added complimentary bold colors with the bedding, rug and art.   

( We have future plans for the closet opening; K wants it covered, B wants it more open, so we’ll have updates on that when we find a solution they both love! )

One of the most impactful (and SIMPLE!) changes we made was going floor to ceiling with the curtains. Upgrading from the standard 84"curtains up to a 96” length adds instant height and drama to the room, and helps that whole space look more intentional & elevated.

Another easy curtain upgrade we did was a dual layer; adding a double rod to layer sheers behind a heavier room darkening drape. This added much needed privacy & flexibility to their lighting options, and a soft textured feel to that entire wall.

(And just LOOK at the gorgeous open weave pattern on these sheers! So delicate and interesting with light shining through!)

They loved this layered curtain combination so much they added another set in their living room, this time with a black rod.

We swapped the old Ikea ceiling light for a modern white linen & brass Semi-Flush light fixture that felt more elevated & bespoke and was easier to walk under. The soft white and brass details POP against the green feature wall!

K (Kirsten Savage) is an AMAZING fine artist/ Oil painter, and created all of the art in the space.  We wanted to reposition the pieces for a new feel so we opted to place the large portrait over the dresser across from the bed to give that side of the room a strong focal point and color pop.  The small nude paintings found new homes in gold frames on either side of the bed to bring a touch of sexiness to the sleeping area. Gorgeous!

Original paintings by Kirsten Savage @Savagepainter

Kirsten is also the new Portrait Artist for the Hall of Presidents in the Colorado State Capitol building in Denver. Her oil painting of President Joe Biden is being installed in their permanent collection in March! (Congrats Kirsten!) Check out her stunning portraits, custom commissions and personal adorableness at @SavagePainter

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